When will Choice be ready?
Choice is now fully funded, and working hard, testing and developing. The technology is achievable, the biological challenge to be met. We have our partners in place.
​ We have asked women if they would be willing to consider Choice. The response has been an overwhelming yes. The need is obvious, and we would like to provide it as quickly as possible.


This means we need to put in the necessary legwork. We have to develop the technology, as well as proving it safe. We expect Choice to start clinical testing in a few years.

Choice Milestones

2012-2018: Choice founder part-time product development

August 2018: Funding secured, start of full focus development

end 2019: Developed working actuator 1:1

end 2019: Funding Brabant Startup Fonds

mid 2020: Funding Rabo Innovation Fund

end 2020: Finished stent design

begin 2021: First implantation in animals

mid 2021: Developed working micromotor 1:1


Press & Articles

Movie for Brabant Startup Fund
Choice can be seen from 0.43 to 1.08 minutes.

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where every child is desired


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24.7.2020 - ARTICLE (NL)
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