First model of inner fallopian tube

August 12, 2020

In cooperation with professor M. Bongers, Maxima Medisch Centrum, PAMM & Modelmakerij Frits, we have made a model of the inner form of a human fallopian tube.

An original idea of Jay Harman, a biomimicry pioneer & explorer of the patterns of natural flows, we are searching for the flow movement inside the fallopian tube. As expected, there is a complex 3D helical pattern visible in the inside form.

We made this model from a womb & fallopian tubes, minutes after a hysterectomy. We inserted thin flowing, quick hardening silicon inside the fallopian tube. After 24 hours waiting the surrounding tissue of the fallopian tube was removed, showing the inner shape. This research informs us about the inner cavity where we have to place Choice & how to adapt Choice to the natural flow pattern. This model will now be scanned by Vascular Flow Technologies, to inform the flow modelling of Choice.

Choice wins Gerard & Anton prize 2020

July 7, 2020

The Gerard & Anton awards are awarded each year to the most promising start-ups in Eindhoven. Choice was nominated by our partners Brainport & VO Patents. We are honoured by this (unexpected) token of appreciation. "This is what they can say about the first fifty winners: if you have won a Gerard & Anton Award, your chances of survival increase by a factor of 100. Only 8% of the winners quit the company - just get that at the usual start-up statistics."

See it at Innovation Origins or  Read more (in Dutch) at  Studio040.